Born in (1986-1986) Qazvin ..

Diploma in first and second grade technical and professional painting …

Bachelor of Textile Design from Tehran University of Arts …

I have been working in the field of painting since 2005 and I have participated in group and individual exhibitions as follows:

– Solo exhibition for the opening of Niayesh cultural complex during the government week in Mohammadieh, Qazvin, September 2007

– Participation in the 4th Annual Festival of Painters of Qazvin Province Married by Ahmad Kamkari, painter and calligrapher, January 2011

– The fifth group exhibition of students and teachers of Naghshineh School located in Mir Emad Gallery of Qazvin May 2014

– Sama Ghalam Group Exhibition in Rasoul Mehr Gallery, Tehran, July 2017

– Image group exhibition in Tehran Disciplinary Gallery, December 2020