Yali is a self-taught artist interested in Arabic calligraphy. Holding a BA in psychology had a great influence in shaping and structuring her understanding of life which has been reflected in her work. Even though her early passion for calligraphy started at the age of nine, she continuously committed to experimenting and practicing calligraphy at 17 years old. The past 10 years that Yali spent working on improving her calligraphy skills have been a great beginning of an even greater chapter of this extraordinary Journey. Along with the influence of many distinguished artists and calligraphers, the impact of the international artist Khaled Alsaai has been the most significant in her work as he humbly offered advice, notes, and endless motivation.
Yali’s passion for calligraphy walks hand in hand with her love for poetry. The balance between the artistic structure, the quote, and the used techniques is what adds a unique aspect to her work and makes it close to people’s hearts.