I was born in Afyonkarahisar 1982.
I was born in an educating parents family, both of my parents were idealist and volunteering to increase the conditions of the rural area schools and spending most of their times for shaping the future generations of the country. Before my school age, I was left to play in the school ground and my only toys were sticks and muddy parts of the school’s ground, where I was drawing pictures and lines all days along.
I started attending to the classes at the age of 5 and continued until university degree. Because of my drawing and painting took place at the very early ages of my life, I learnt painting and shaping the forms I saw around my life, before I learnt reading and writing painting become my lifestyle.
Art in whole, is my asylum, my whole life, it is my mind’spoetry, it is my ears’ music, it is all my senses and tates. My Art reflects the world I perceive with all my senses; it reflectsthe people I meet and I love, it conveys the nature I admire, and all the things that affect my life and my being me!
The nature and the people are my main inspirations and theyare the principal topics of my projects. I am focusing on thepeople’s psyche, their attitudes, as well as their appearance, manners and all the complex processes that take place bothoutside and inside their nature.

Katıldığı Sergiler

2020-Art Revolution Taipei Finalist-Taiwan
2019-Mall of Antalya mall- personal exhibition – Antalya
2018-Art Revolution Taipei Gallery awards
2018-Free Your Soul – International Exhibition For The Benefit Of Children With Leukemia-Ankara/Müjdat Gezen Art Center
2018-Free Your Soul – International Exhibition For The Benefit Of Children With Leukemia-Cappadocia
2017-Art Revolution Taipei Finalist-Taiwan
2016-Antalya antique auction participation
2016 Gallery Abstract – “New December” Exhibition – Ankara
2016 at Art Revolution Taipei – (finalist)
2016 II. Antalya Antique Auction Participation-Antalya
2015 Antalya Museum Personal exhibition – Antalya
2015​​Ahmed Muhtar Kızıltan Cultural Center
100 Turkish Republic’ Artist Exhibition -Antalya
2014 ​​Vibe Art Gallery- Personal exhibition -Antalya
2014​​ArToros Photo Workshops – Antalya
2014​​Anadolu University PhilosophyExhibitions- Eskisehir
2013​​Company-i Auspicious Exhibition Hall- Kadikoy – Istanbul
2010 ​​Working in the Sphere of Art is beingResume Workshop
2009 ​​Artists’ Association Gallery – AntalyaExhibition Title “A little to the right can go – Jensen
2008​​SDU-GSF-Archaeological CeramicsExhibitions- Isparta
2008 ​​5 Mural Projects, To Complement theElectric Transformers -Antalya
2007​​Mor Art House- Personal Exhibitions-Antalya
2006 ​​Purple Art House- PersonalExhibitions- Antalya
2003 ​​Magic Brushes Workshop-Antalya