Nature, chemistry, society, psychology, sociology and sociology direct her studies. Her portraits and figurative interpretations appear in her works. She says that the starting point is five senses and she is doing some kind of R&D work. She also studied ceramics and decorates figurative sculptures and ceramics. Some of her sculptures can be seen in the Kelimat Art Gallery. She is a graduate chemist and studies Sociology at İstanbul University.

Group Exhibitions
2019 “Crossroad 3”, Kelimat Art Gallery, Istanbul
2019 “Alacati Wind”, Sanartsal Gallery, Izmir
2018 “My Story”, Mekankar Gallery, istanbul
2018 “Image”, Sanartsal Gallery, Istanbul
2018 “Colors and Traces”, Sanartsal Gallery, Istanbul
2018 “Ceramic Exhibition”, Yenikapı, Istanbul
2016 “Group Exhibition”, Bağlarbaşı Cultural Center, Istanbul
2015 “Mixed Exhibition”, Taksim Metro Exhibition Hall, Istanbul
2014 “Mixed Exhibition”, Atakent Cultural Center, Istanbul
2012 “Group Exhibition”, Istanbul Technical University
2011 “Getting Water” Firma-i Hayriye Art Gallery, Istanbul

Solo Exhibitions
2012 “Koleksiyon”, EuChems- Chemistry Congress for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Harbiye Military Museum, Istanbul
2011 “Portraits”, Nobel Prize Winning Scientists, Chemistry Year Closing and Award Ceremony, Cem Karaca Culture Center, Istanbul

Awards and Events
2019 “1Pati 1Empati”, Hasan Ali Yücel Cultural Center, Istanbul
2019 “Likefest” Blonndesign, Atölye Çamurla, İstanbul
2018 “Agenda Study”, Support to Life Association, Istanbul
2018 “Workshop”, Gambooc, Istanbul
2017 “Workshop” Chemical Society Turkey, Istanbul
2016 “Textile Design”, Haliç Congress Center Macro 2016, the Chemical Society of Turkey, Istanbul
2011 Plaque, International Year of Chemistry Events, Istanbul
2011 Calendar Study (Scientists and Nobel Prize-winning Portrait), the Chemical Society of Turkey, Istanbul