Leila Vereta Kaya is a Ukrainian self-taught artist who currently lives and creates in a beautiful city of Istanbul. Being born in the artistic family; her grandfather was painter and her mother is a poetess, she started to draw caricature at the age of 6 y.o. Leila has got two University degrees: “Philologist of English and German” and “Finance and Credit”. Having worked in banks in Kyiv she continued to draw fashion illustration as a hobby. And when she moved to live to Istanbul Leila fully dedicated herself to Art.

Leila studies the pshycological meaning of colors and how it can positively effect our mind, feelings and mood. According to that knowledge she creates her paintings. Leila works in abstract and pop-art expression portraits styles.

The Art is the Beauty and it should bring us positive vibes!

1. “Fashion Portrait”, Levent Tennis Kulubu, 2018 Istanbul
2. La Vision Art Gallery, joint excibition, 2018 Istanbul
3. “The Rise of Light”, La Vision Art Gallery, 2018 Istanbul
4. “Taş Plak”, Niş Art Gallery, 2018 İstanbul
5. “Geçmişin Parmak İzleri”, Niş Art Gallery, 2019 İstanbul