Karl Talip KARA

He was born in 1978 in Brussels. He studied arts and applied arts at Saint-Luc institute in Brussels. He went on to study arts in Paris, followed by artistic training in China at the Cenral Academy of Fine Arts from 2010 to 2012. He visited 38 different countries.
The destinations took him to different continents, including countries of North and Central Africa; European countries, Middle east Europe such as Russia, Ukraine, and Asian countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, India and China.
His love of Chinese art compelled him to remain in China for almost three years.
His immense interest for Sufism, Ottoman calligraphy and İznik Tile Art pushed him to choose Istanbul as a permanent base with a view to enriching his cultural life.
He continues his works in Istanbul.

1996 Ecole Supérieur des Beaux Arts Saint-Luc, Brussels Belgium.
2002 Beaux Arts de  Paris, France.
2010 Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing China.




katıldığı sergiler


2014 “Iznik ve Osmanlı Sanatları”, Sakarya Sanat Merkezi, Sakarya, Turkey.
2013 “Bir Yolculuk Güncesi”, Halkalı Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey.
2013 “İznik Keş”, Özbekler Tekkesi, Sultan Ahmet, Istanbul, Turkey.
2010 “Silk Road”, Ritan art Gallery, Ritan Gon Juan, Beijing, China.
2008 “Vue sur la Méditéranée”, Gallerie d’art L’Institut, Mons, Belgium.
2006 “Vue sur la Méditéranée”,Gallerie d’art L’Institut,