Dapes is a life oriented rebellious creative.Freedom is the most fundimental value for Dapes  he always wants to break the bondage and set free.

Studied in industrial design 4 years in Bilgi University and dropped out.Fabrication mentality did not matched with free rebellious,creative characteristics.Got through depression and after he realised the treasure.The treasure of life,it was always there just surrounded by dark clouds,he does not perceive dark clouds as a bad thing,a stepping stone is more accurate we live in a world of duality.It is the nature of physicality it is part of life.


Dapes is experimental life oriented creative.Exploring mediums,places,colour combinations painting streets,canvases fills him with joy.His early backround with industrial design enhanches the play with forms and materials(mostly forms).Dapes dive deep in metaphysics,psychology,subconscious mind,reality and especially mysticsm.Mesmerised by essence of life beyond our senses.Finding out who really are as human BEINGS,our divine nature and limitless bliss.Always fascinated by the importance of art.Art connects us with our divine nature..Art is the main thing which enhanches humanity,without it we are only animal.Beauty of art is not functional,beauty is not functional however,can you imagine joyful existence without it.When we watch stars at night we lost our fake identity and dissolve with the sky,so vast so beautiful.It touches our soul.And our imagination is the bridge for physical and metaphysical,the reality yet to be manifested.