Beyza Mendeloviç’s passion for the mystery of Egyptian civilization since the age of.She had continued with her curiosity towards the Sumerians, as she suddenly lost her husband  in 2016 .

10 ;where she  had reflected her interest on Egyptian art and culture by having   sculpture and drawing  lessons in Nuans Art gallery for 2 years

While Egypt focuses on life after death, Sumerian sheds light on the moment you live.

As she has focused so far


She  started painting  again in Atölye Etiler a course guided by  Sezai Aydın and Civan Aydın  who were well known and respected artists graduated from  Fine  Arts Faculty  in Mimar Sinan with first class honors.


The gradation of the selected figures of her paintings  is the reflection of the internal transformations she has experienced since 2016.


She embarked on this journey, dreaming that she would find and find a symbol that reflects   inner world. She describes herself with the goddess Isthar, the symbol of the goddess Isthar and her symbol, “Star of Isthar”, which depicts abundance, passion for love, goodness, but sighs.


It is enough for everyone to listen inside to discover the symbol they define themselves.


It shall come across them.

Manifesto: Geçmiş  dönem tarih sahneleri, sembolleri ,tanrı ve tanrıçaların inanç sistemleri ile  şimdiki zamanı, izleyici ile buluşturarak her bireyin içsel  arayışını bulmasını sağlamak.